Inline Project Co. Ltd. is a reputable general construction company that offers cost consultancy services, construction project scheduling and procurement strategies. Our mission is to continuously strive for excellence by providing our clients with quality structures at cost effective prices.


Our vast experience and qualifications allow us to guide you through the construction process and keep you on budget. We can suggest alternate processes of construction to achieve your dreams despite your financial commitments.

Not sure of what finish materials are needed at the time of costing? We can provide you with a detailed takeoff outlining the complete quantity of items required for your project.

This puts you in control of the selection process while being guided by the professionals at Inline Project Co. Ltd.

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Every project is cost sensitive and time means money. An IPC professional understands that and provides a bar chart schedule of your project.

This construction schedule will outline due dates for owner-supplied items, the planned progress of the project, as well as future payments.

This is all the information required to make a forecast for your project.


Our priority is protecting your investment by constructing your project correctly.

Inline Project Co. Ltd. has invested in the most modern technology and can provide all of the advanced equipment used in the construction industry to guarantee a completed project that our clients can be proud of.

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Communication is an essential component to any successful business. At IPC we aspire to keep an open dialogue regarding the construction process -between ourselves, our clients and their Architects & Engineers.

Like most growing companies we have the capability to operate onsite in real time via the worldwide web. This allows us to view emails, and produce progress reports on demand.

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